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Join our programs at various locations this season in the Fort McMurray – Lakeland Area! Programs occur on weekends in May & June, and from Tuesdays – Sundays in July & August across the area’s parks of Beaver Lake PRAGregoire Lake PPLakeland PRA, and Sir Winston Churchill PP.

    • Drop-In Programs: Drop in during scheduled hours. Have fun learning about what lives in our park.
    • Discovery Packs: Programs available from the campground store to sign-out and discover nature with your friends & family.
    • Guided Hikes: A fantastic opportunity to experience the park's landscape and learn about various topics!
    • Parks Day celebration the third weekend in July. 

Check out park poster boards or visit the campground store for upcoming events and programs

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Parks Day Programs

Jul 18, 2024

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Updated: Jun 11, 2024