Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

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Intro to Archaeology & Simulated Dig

This full-day program combines "Introduction to Archaeology" with an archaeological excavation!  We discuss what it means to be an archaeologist, who owns archaeological sites, and why and how we protect them. Students  learn archaeological excavation techniques as they dig, record and interpret their finds at a simulated archaeological site. 

Grade(s): 3 - 6
Curriculum: Social Studies
    • Grade 3 - Topic 3.1
    • Grade 4 - Alberta: The Land, Histories & Stories
    • Grade 5-Canada: The Land, Histories & Stories
    • Grade 6
      • Topic 6.2
      • Science Topic D
    Parks in the Classroom
Duration: Full-Day
Location: Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park
Max. Group Size: 32
Fees: $190 Half Day $350 Full Day
Availability: Year-round
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Updated: Jan 8, 2020