Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

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Discover Grasslands

Discover Grasslands is a half day in class program that will open students eyes to an exciting and diverse landscape that exists right outside their doorstep. 

Provide your students with a hands-on opportunity to explore and learn about Alberta's threatened grasslands while addressing the following Grade 4 social studies and science curriculum goals.

This is an innovative new program developed by the Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation (the non-profit you know and love for bringing you Discover Archaeology) and sponsored by Shell Canada.


Grade(s): 4
Curriculum: Science
Social Studies
    • Science:
      • Topic A - Waste and Our World
      • Topic E - Plant Growth and Changes
    • Social Studies:
      • 4.1 Alberta: A Sense of the Land
    Parks in the Classroom
Duration: Half-Day
Location: Your school
Max. Group Size: 32
Fees: $175
Availability: September-June
Booking Information
Updated: Apr 10, 2018