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Mount Romulus Backcountry Campground

Lat: 50.761820 Long: -114.988820 | Directions
Information: 403-678-0760

Mount Romulus Backcountry Campground is located in Elbow-Sheep Wildland Provincial Park. PRIMARY: 11.9km via Little Elbow Trail from Little Elbow Trailhead Parking (175m elevation); SECONDARY: 30.7km via Big Elbow Trail/Little Elbow Trail from Little Elbow Trailhead Parking (650m elevation). There are tent pads here, fire pits, firewood, hitching rails, pit/vault toilets, and secure food storage lockers. 

Park Boundary
    Camping: May 15 - Nov 30
    Site Type Campsites Rate / Person / Night
    Designated Backcountry 10 hiker/biker + 10 equestrian 12
    Water Source: River
    Reservations: Year Round
    Online Request
    Reservation Fee $12
    Availability Online Vacancy Calendar


    Firewood Available
    Hitching Rails
    Pit/Vault Toilets
    Secure Food Storage

    Equestrian Notes

    • There are 10 equestrian sites at this campground, as well as a storage container for horse feed.  The other 10 campsites are for hikers.

    Note: Any maps and map views are for general information only. Do not rely on them for navigation or to determine legal boundaries.


    Updated: Mar 22, 2018