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We are monitoring our operations to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and will adjust as needed. For more details on our response to COVID-19 please click this banner.
  • Full Closure - Closure of shower and flush toilet facilities

      July 28, 2020

      • Due to lack of resources required to clean and sanitize the facilities required for COVID-19 guidelines, showers and flush toilet facilities will remain closed for 2020 season.

  • What you need to know in 2020...

      July 26, 2020

      What can be expected at Miquelon this year?

      • Some campsites have been closed due to flooding and will open as dryer conditions prevail.
      • All campsites at Miquelon Lake Provincial Park will be 100% reservable this year. 
      • All vault toilets are open and cleaned on a regular basis within the campground, day use area, and trail system.
      • Shower houses and flush toilet facilities (including those in group sites) will remain closed this season.
      • Comfort camping units will remain closed for the season.
      • Water faucets throughout the campground will be available, as well as sani-dump stations ($5 flat fee rate to utilize)
      • Miquelon Lake will be asking visitors and campers to go cashless this season if possible.  Please come prepared with credit or debit cards.
      • Park Centre is open weekends only.  Some items may be purchased at the campground registration booth (firewood, ice, camper needs).
      • Please try to be as self-contained as possible - bring water, hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes to help protect yourself from contracting COVID-19.



  • Partial Closure - Localized Flooding in Campground

      June 16, 2020

      Due to consistent and higher than average rainfall, a number of campsites in Loop A and B of our campground are flooded.  Please bear with us while we attempt to pump out water from these wet sites, move campers and adapt to changing weather conditions.

      Some of these sites will not be reservable until they are dry and ready for use.

    Affected Areas
      Loop A and Loop B
  • Water Advisory - Miquelon Lake not suitable for swimming

      July 1, 2018

      • Through natural processes, the water in Miquelon Lake has become undesirable for swimming.  Increasing lake temperatures and decreasing water levels have created high concentrations of salt, and plant and bacteria growth. 
      • Park visitors are encouraged to take advantage of the many other summer recreation options at Miquelon Lake, including birdwatching on the lake.

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