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Park Closed

  • To support construction upgrades, Crescent Falls Provincial Recreation Area is closed until further notice.
  • Construction Closure - Crescent Falls PRA

    Effective:  May 19, 2023   Updated:  February 6, 2024

      Please be advised that Alberta Forestry and Parks is closing the Crescent Falls Provincial Recreation Area to support construction activities to upgrade the site from May 2023 to July 2024.

      The area is closed:

      • To reduce danger to the general public as contractors work in the area, moving heavy equipment and materials on land and near water.
      • Construction efficiency.
        • It is more time and cost effective to complete this project during optimal weather conditions.
        • The contractor needs to be able to work without keeping track of the public in the area.
        • Forestry and Parks wants to complete the project as efficiently as possible.

      Access to Crescent Falls will be gated at highway 11. Construction Crews will monitor the construction areas and barricades with Conservation officers enforcing the area closure under the Provincial Parks Act. Do not cross construction barriers and follow all signage.

      For more information please read the FAQ – Davis Thompson Corridor – Infrastructure Safety Upgrades – Construction Project – Area Closure.  Or call the Alberta Parks - Rocky Mountain House District House – 403-845-8349

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