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Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park

Get Here

  • Sir Winston Churchill is located 11 km northeast of Lac La Biche off Hwy. 881. The drive from Edmonton is about 2.5 hours.
  • Winter parking is available at the entrance of Big Island, at the seasonal RV sewage disposal/water-fill site.

At the Park

  • Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park is located just northeast of the hamlet of Lac La Biche, set in the unique island lakes that are accessible by a causeway. The main island, Big Island, features a loop roadway around the island that is closed and maintained for walking and classic cross country skiing in the winter. The island is home to an Old Growth Forest, as there hasn’t been a forest fire on this island for over 300 years.
  • There are approximately 20 km of trails in the park that provide access to forest and wetlands that support many species of birds and other wildlife throughout the seasons.
  • The groomed trails on the 6km loop road attract novice to intermediate skiers, as there are occasional hills throughout the route.
  • The trails are used and promoted by the Lac La Biche Nordic Ski Club throughout the winter months.


  • Catch up with the Lac La Biche Nordic Ski Club at one of their many events held throughout the season.
  • Discover the trails on your own with cross country ski rentals from the Lac La Biche Nordic Ski Club or snowshoe rentals from the community’s multiplex, the Bold Center.
  • Try your luck at ice fishing as you’ll see many ice-fishing tents and shacks set up for the winter by locals and visitors alike along the causeway, with access from the boat launch on Long Island (near the comfort camping area).


  • Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park has 10 year-round comfort camping cabins available for winter stays.
  • The hamlet of Lac La Biche also offers a selection of accommodations such as hotels, motels, and Bed & Breakfasts.


  • Check the Lac La Biche Nordic Ski Club Facebook page for ongoing trail condition updates throughout the season.
  • The interior island trails, Old Growth Alley trails throughout the forest, or lakeshore areas around the island are ideal for snowshoeing. These areas do not include groomed trails with set-track for cross country skiing.

Did You Know...

Cross-country skiing has been estimated to burn 600 (recreational) to 1,120 (mountaineering) calories per hour.