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Planning Process

Site-Specific Management Plans

Site-specific management plans set out objectives and strategies for conservation, development, interpretation and operations. A site management plan relies on current information about:

A site-specific management plan:

Site-specific management plans are usually developed for sites with:

Management planning for these sites can be a time-consuming process given the complexity of management issues. The result provides a long-term and comprehensive guide for managing the site's natural and recreational values. 

Site-specific management plans vary considerably in length and sophistication, depending on:

Priority for Plan Development

Regional parks plans will be developed for each of the seven Land-use Framework planning regions in Alberta, based on directon from each Land-use Framework regional plan. Regional parks plans will provide direction for all parks within a region at a broad level. Priority sites requiring specific management plans are identified during development of regional plans.

With more than 470 parks in Alberta's system, it is necessary to set priorities for developing new plans and updating existing ones. To establish priorities, we consider the:

Management Planning Consultation

Park staff, volunteers and stakeholders (including partners and the public) work together to build a constituency of support for parks. We build a community of people connected to the natural world. We believe in a set of values that can be called stewardship. Stewardship involves knowledge, caring and actions that contribute to conservation and enjoyment of Alberta's natural and cultural heritage.

Public consultation is an important component of the park management planning process. Effective consultation takes time. It is an interactive process between Parks Division, the public and stakeholders. A project may require several periods of consultation involving various methods. Many factors determine the type and extent of public consultation that occurs at provincial, regional and local levels including:

Opportunities for public consultation and input follow our public consultation framework.

Updated: Nov 24, 2015