Disposition Fees

Disposition Codes & Fee Schedule - Provincial Parks Act including

Special Events

  Fee Type Fee* for Non-Profit Groups/Events Fee* for Other Groups/Events
STANDARD Special event fee* (to nearest 10 persons) $1-$2 per person per day $2-$4 per person per day
PLUS (optional** by event) Operational cost recovery (actual event operating costs) Actual costs: hourly rate Actual costs: hourly rate
PLUS (optional** by event) Facility rental fee (where no rental fee is identified) e.g. exclusive or semi-exclusive use of a day use area shelter $60-$120 per day $120-$240 per day
PLUS (optional** by event) Trail maintenance and improvement fee (applicable for select events/locations only) $3-$5 per event participant $3-$5 per event participant

Filming & Still Photography

Depending on the complexity of the filming project, staff may be assigned to monitor filming activities. Alberta Environment & Parks determines if supervision is required - for example: a large photography shoot involving site or prop set-up, photography of fashion models, cars, etc.

For projects where on-site supervision by park staff IS NOT required

For projects where on-site supervision by park staff IS required

Preparation and cleanup supervision by staff is charged at $50/hour.

Alberta Environment & Parks costs beyond on-site supervision that are directly related to the support of filming or photography may also be charged - for example: supplying resource information, and assisting with script or video editing. The cost would be based on the hours and salaries of staff involved.

Guiding & Instructing

Commercial Organizations

Permit Fee (including GST)  
Daily (Date Specific) $  63.00
Weekly (Up to 7 consecutive days) $105.00
Monthly (Up to 30 consecutive days) $157.50
Annual (More than 30 days and up to one calendar year) $262.50
Number of  Locations  
Up to 10 $0.00
Up to 30 $ 52.50   
Up to 50 $105.00
Up to 100 (Maximum) $157.50
Number of  Activities  
Up to 2 $0.00
3 to 5 $105.00  
More than 5 $157.50  

** The permit fee is the total of the fees for the amount of time plus number of locations plus number of activities. 
The maximum fee charged is $525.00 (including GST.) 

Non-Commercial Organizations

A "no fee" permit will be issued to non-commercial organizations providing

Commercial Trail Riding (CTR)

Permit Fee (including GST)  
Single Event Trip Permit* (up to 7 consecutive days) $105.00
Annual Permit (8 consecutive days, or more, up to one calendar year) $262.50
Willmore Annual Permit (applies to Willmore Wilderness Park only) $10.50
Annual Permit Under a CTR Letter of Commitment (annual fees apply for each year of the 5 Year Letter of Commitment)  $262.50

*A Single Event Trip Permit fee may be refundable where a group’s activities are cancelled by Parks Division due to park management or public safety issues.  A single event trip permit holder may request either a refund of the permit fee or to reschedule the activity to a later date.


Updated: Apr 18, 2018