Chain Lakes Provincial Park

Alberta Parks

Boat Launch Day Use

Information: 1-877-537-2757
Season: Year-round
Ice Safety: Alberta Parks does not monitor ice conditions; learn how to assess them for yourself.

    Chain Lakes Provincial Park is located in a region that is often extremely dry. For this reason, only communal fire pits are provided in the park's campground. Communal fire pits may be used only during appropriate weather conditions (firewood is supplied at no extra cost).

    Propane fire pits are not permitted.

    Propane and gas cooking equipment is permitted, and charcoal briquette barbeques are allowed when there are no fire bans in place.



  Canoeing/Kayaking (AIS Warning)
  Day Use
  Power Boating (AIS Warning)
  Sailing (AIS Warning)
  Wildlife Viewing

  • Permitted activities may vary within a park. Please confirm details with park staff.


    • Boat Launch Day Use Area
      At lower reservoir levels, the boat launch will not be accessible, and only hand launching smaller boats is possible.  Please check and find Chain Lakes Reservoir for daily reservoir fill data.  If the reservoir is at 93 %, it becomes difficult to launch larger boats (4x4 is required), less than 92 % smaller boats or hand launching is possible.  
    • WATER:
      • You are expected to bring your own water.
      • Government of Alberta regulations require that water from pumps/taps like the one located here NOT be used for drinking, cooking or washing (including brushing teeth and washing dishes).
      • Water from the pump/tap onsite can only be used for purposes like putting out a campfire.


Updated: Mar 17, 2022