Castle Provincial Park


  • Construction Closure - Designated Camping Areas 1 & 2 and Hwy 774 Construction

      August 13, 2018

      Designated Camping Areas 1 & 2 will be closed due to the paving of Highway 774.

      The Highway 774 paving project is within the boundaries of the Castle Provincial Park, from Castle Mountain Resort to the existing paved highway at the Castle River Bridge. 

      • Work has begun and construction traffic has increased on the gravel section of 774
      • Any remaining vehicles and camping units (in DCA 1 & 2) may become inaccessible once paving and other work begins.
      • We are sorry for the inconvenience; all other Designated Camping Areas (3 - 9) are open.
      • Day Users are encouraged to park in official staging areas, rather than along the road.

  • Construction Advisory - Road Construction along gravel portion of Hwy 774

      July 30, 2018

      There is no camping or parking along the gravel portion of Hwy 774 within the Castle Provincial Parks (Designated Camping Areas 1 & 2), until further notice.   


      Day Use Visitors who want to access the river or trails along Hwy 774 are encouraged to use official staging areas such as Syncline North and Syncline South to park and to stay away from construction zones. Please be aware of increased truck traffic on Hwy 774 during construction.


      Please note, much of Castle Provincial Park (RR 3-3 to Castle River Bridge, Castle Falls, Lynx Creek and Beaver Mines Lake, Designated Camping Areas 3 - 9 ) can be accessed from the paved portions of 774 where there is no construction. 



    Affected Areas
      Castle Provincial Park Along the gravel portion of Highway 774 from the bridge (just past RR 3-3 to Castle Mountain Resort

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