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Saskatoon Island Campground

Information: 780-538-5350
Construction Advisory - Saskatoon Island ConstructionConstruction Advisory - Saskatoon Island Construction

This campground is nestled along the shore of Saskatoon Lake in Saskatoon Island Provincial Park, 21 km west of Grande Prairie on Hwy. 43 and 4 km north on an access road. There are over 100 campsites, including 15/30 amp powered sites in Loop A and C, un-serviced sites in Loop B and walk-in tenting sites along the shoreline. Firewood, water, showers, and sewage disposal are all available seasonally. Site sizes vary between 21 to 30 feet.


Season: May 18 - Sep 25
Site Type Campsites Power Rate/Night Reservable Dates Current Status
Unserviced 48 - $32 May 18 - Sep 5 FCFS
Power 55 15 / 30 $40 May 18 - Sep 5 FCFS
Walk-in Tenting 5 - $32 May 18 - Sep 5 FCFS

* Reservation can be made 90 in advance of arrival date.

Loop C is open Sept. 5 - Sept. 25 as first come, first served. Payment can be made by cash or personal cheque (payable to “Government of Alberta”) at the booth vault. Credit cards are NOT accepted as payment.

Reduced rates are in effect starting September 5th due to limited services available.


Currently Booking to
December 23, 2023

Firewood will be available until the supply runs out. Reduced rates are in effect to reflect this change of service.


The water system and sewage disposal will be shut down in September. The exact date will depend on several conditions, including the weather. 


Two wheelchair-accessible campsites (A-7, A-20). Wheelchair-accessible washrooms & showers.

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Updated: Sep 6, 2023