Little Elbow Provincial Recreation Area


  • Construction Advisory - Big Elbow Trail

    September 20, 2018

    • Effective Date: September 20 continuing until November 2.
    • Where: The north bridge washout location on the Big Elbow Trail. 
    • Why: Tree felling and brush clearing operations

    There will be contractor crew vehicles traveling along the trail during this period.  The Big Elbow Trail remains open, and users should watch for construction signs located along the trail.

    Affected Areas
  • Construction Advisory - Little Elbow Trail up to Tombstone Backcountry Campground

    June 27, 2018

    • Effective Date:  July 2, 2018 until further notice
    • Where:  Little Elbow Trail - from Little Elbow Campground to Tombstone Backcountry Campground
    • Why:  To support construction at Tombstone Backcountry Campground there will be trucks and heavy equipment travelling along the trail.  Users are asked to be courteous and move off-trail to allow trucks and equipment to pass, particularly along steep or narrow sections, to facilitate the upgrades being done in the area.  Caution should be exercised within this area, particularly around heavy equipment.  Please obey all posted signage in the area.

    Affected Areas

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