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  • Blue-Green Algae - Wabamun Lake PP

      August 15, 2019

      A Blue-Green Algal Bloom Advisory will be issued for Wabamun Lake.

      Public Health Advisory signs and Public Information signs will be posted at all public beaches and at other public areas.

      • Avoid all contact with blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) blooms. If contact occurs, wash with tap water as soon as possible.
      • Do not swim or wade (or allow your pets to swim or wade) in any areas where blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) is visible.
      • Do not feed whole fish or fish trimmings from this lake to your pets.
      • Consider limiting human consumption of whole fish and fish trimmings from this lake, as it is known that fish may store toxins in their liver. (People can safely consume fish fillets from this lake). *Specific questions regarding consumption of fish from lakes experiencing cyanobacterial blooms can be directed to Alberta Health (health.ephs@gov.ab.ca).

      For additional information, please see Alberta Health Services Frequently Asked Questions for more information about blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) https://www.albertahealthservices.ca/assets/news/advisories/ne-pha-bga-faq.pdf

      For answers to general health-related questions, the public can be directed to contact the nearest public health office or Health Link Alberta:

      • Edmonton Main Office 780-735-1800
      • Calgary Mail Office: 780-943-2295
      • Lethbridge Main Office: 780-388-6689
      • Grande Prairie Main Office: 780-513-7517
      • Red Deer Main Office: 403-356-6366
      • Health Link Alberta: 811

  • Construction Advisory - Wabamun Lake

      February 15, 2018

      • During construction, utility services may be intermittent.

  • Boat Launch & Day Use Parking Limited

      May 19, 2017

      • Boat launch and day use parking capacity at Wabamun Lake Provincial Park is limited.
      • This is due to ongoing construction for site improvements.

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