Sulphur Gates Provincial Recreation Area

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  • Construction Advisory - Infrastructure Redevelopment

    Effective:  August 18, 2017

      Alberta Parks is undertaking a multi-year project to redevelop existing infrastructure at Sulphur Gates Provincial Recreation Area.  Phase 1 of the project started in August 2017.  This initial phase includes:  

      • Refurbishing the day use area (maintaining campsites temporarily)
      • Constructing equestrian parking adjacent to the commercial equestrian parking area (establishing temporary equestrian campsites)
      • Eliminating equestrian activities in the day use area

      Phase 2 is projected for 2018 and Phase 3 for 2019.  Please check the public notification for more information on this project. To be automatically advised of notifications and stakeholder consultations on this and other projects, please subscribe to ParkNews

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