Sulphur Gates Provincial Recreation Area

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  • Willmore Wilderness Park - Wildfire Area Closures

    Effective:  July 23, 2024   Updated:  July 23, 2024

      Due to wildfire suppression efforts, Alberta Parks is closing the following areas: 

      • Blue Grouse Pass
      • West Sulphur Trail
      • Glacier Pass
      • Brewster's Wall
      • Great Divide Trail, west of Ptarmigan Lake, South of Shell Pass, North of Castor Lake. 

  • Vault Toilet Closure

    Effective:  May 17, 2024   Updated:  July 11, 2024

      The vault toilet at the Hikers Canyon Campground day use area is closed. The vault toilets are open in the equestrian day use area and in the Saddle Ridge Campground.

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