Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park

Tolman West Campground

Information: 403-742-7516

Explore the badlands. Large, open sites are well suited to RVs. Paddle down the river or visit the day use area to the north. Take a drive to the scenic viewpoint just northeast of Huxley for an unbelievable view of the valley. 


May 15 - Sep 2 (First Come First Served)
Site Type Campsites Rate / Night
Unserviced 25 $ 21


Camping Notes

  • Vehicle access into the park is not provided from mid-October to mid-May.
  • Visitors should exercise caution; there is a community gun range located in close proximity to this campground.

Firewood is not available onsite.

  • A limited supply of potable water is available from a tap located on the side of the tall storage building.
  • Water is not available after September 15. Camping fees are reduced when water is unavailable.
Updated: May 14, 2019