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ACIMS 2015 - A Year of Transition

We began 2015 by saying a fond farewell to Graham Morris, colleague and data manger, who moved to a new position that allowed him to work closer to home.

As the year proceeded, we waded heavily into the General Status project. This resulted in a review of most of the species in the database along with their ranks, including many taxonomic updates.  The project also resulted in adding to the database many new species now confirmed for Alberta. Over 6,000 taxa were looked at.

As part of the ACIMS spring update, new element lists were posted that included the additions and taxonomic changes. Major changes were made to the vascular plants in particular, in a full-scale update of taxonomy.

In the background, the old database platform was retired and all data were transitioned to the new BIOTICS 5 system. The spring update, already made complicated by the sheer volume of taxonomic changes and additions, was our first real attempt to pull selected data out of the new system. There were some wrinkles but the team worked hard to iron them out as quickly as possible.

The winter update will be our next test.

And finally, as 2015 moves to a close, one further change. I am stepping down as coordinator of ACIMS and moving into retirement. I want to thank first the ACIMS team, an incredibly dedicated group of people. Thanks also to every one of you who has helped to make ACIMS the valuable and dynamic system that it is. Documenting, understanding and maintaining Alberta's biodiversity is a huge job.

Sincere thanks from Lorna Allen

Element Occurrence Data Updated to July 2015

ACIMS has updated Element Occurrence information to July 2015

Any previous occurrence files (dated October 2014 or May 2015) are now outdated and should no longer be used. New files for occurrences must be downloaded or searched using the Search ACIMS Data Map. Occurrence data are updated regularly so ensure you're using the latest ACIMS files for each search. 

New "Plant, Lichen and Fungi Data Submission Form"

When submitting data to ACIMS, please use the new data submission forms for plants, lichen and fungi to enable the efficient capture and storage of submitted data.  The new Plant, Lichen and Fungi Data Submission Form contains fields similar to the previous form, plus a few additional fields.  Use the subject line "Data Submission" and send the data submission form and any additional information (e.g. shapefiles, maps, photos, reports) as attachments.  Please refer to the Help Guide.

What is ACIMS?

ACIMS is a data centre that provides biodiversity information on Alberta's species, natural ecological communities and sites. Information about the location, condition, status and trends of selected elements is collected, updated, analyzed and disseminated.

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