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Closure - Areas closed due to extreme fire hazard

August 30, 2017

Due to the extreme fire hazard, areas of Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park-Alberta are now closed to all traffic and activities. Areas affected by the closure include:

    • Closure of areas east of Highway 41 EXCEPT the Rodeo Grounds and Main Group Camp (but including Highway 41 Group Camp)
    • Closure of areas south of Murray Hill Road EXCEPT for transiting through Golf Course Road to the golf course
    • Closure of Battle Creek Campground, Reesor Lake Campground, Reesor Dock Campground, Spruce Coulee Campground, Graburn Campsite
    • Closure of Highway 41 Group Camp, Nichol Springs Group Camp, Willow Creek Group Camp, and Spruce Coulee Backcountry Hut
    • Closure of Spring Creek Equestrian Campground and day use

Entry into the closed areas requires permission from the Duty Officer. Authorized individuals must carry a radio issued by the park, a wajax pack or similar, and shovel.

Please call the Visitor Centre in Elkwater at 403-893-3833 for more information.

For information on the closure on the Saskatchewan side of Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, please check Tourism Saskatchewan.

Affected Areas

Construction Closure - Ferguson Hill Road Pavement Repairs and Overlay

August 28, 2017

  • These works are scheduled to start September 5th, 2017 and the road will remain closed until the Spring, 2018.
  • This project starts from the bottom of Ferguson Hill Road and continues to the intersection at Murray Hill Road. 
  • During active construction activities, the road will be closed. 
  • Excessive noise and odour are expected in nearby areas.
  • Access to Tom Trott Hut, Medicine Lodge Hut, Willow Creek Group Camp and Horseshoe Canyon Viewpoint will remain available via Hwy 41 & Murray Hill Road.

    All inquiries can be directed to the Visitor Centre at 403-893-3833.

Blue-Green Algae - Reesor Lake

August 10, 2017

  • A blue-green algae bloom has been identified at Reesor Lake in Cypress HIlls Provincial Park.  
  • General precautions
    • Avoid all contact with blue green algae blooms.  If contact occurs, wash with tap water ASAP.
    • Do not swim or wade in any areas where blue-green algae is visable.  
    • Do not allow your pets to swim or wade in these areas or to eat fish or fish trimings from the lake.
    • Consider limiting human consumption of fish from the lake.
  • For detailed information, go to Alberta Health Services Blue Green Algae Advisory Information.  Please refer to the specific advisory for this lake.
  • Blue-green algae bloom advisories are issued and rescinded by Alberta Health Services.  Typically, advisories are lifted in late autumn, when water temperatures are so cool that blue green algae growth is no longer supported. 

Fire Bans in Effect

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