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  • Bears and Berries

      July 29, 2020

      Due to a bountiful berry crop this year, park visitors are asked to be extra vigilant about bear safety while hiking, recreating and backcountry camping in bear country.  Avoid areas with berry bushes, strictly follow all preventative practices when in bear country. Bear Smart

      Remember, bears depend on the berry crop to gain enough weight to survive the winter; please respect their need to feed themselves and their young.  Should you come across any wildlife closures, please follow the directions; never cross into closed areas.

  • Access to Castle Wildland Provincial Park

      November 22, 2019

      Visitors to Castle Wildland Provincial Park are welcome to enter the Wildland Provincial Park at any time.  They are responsible for obtaining landowner or leaseholder permission if accessing private or non-park public lands and to follow appropriate access protocols for each.  Please refer to the Municipal District of Pincher Creek Area Map.

      Castle Wildland Provincial Park is bordered by private land where recreational access is not regulated by the Government of Alberta. You must have land owner permission for all access to private land.  Please contact your local Municipal District for an Ownership Map.  Please reference The MD of Pincher Creek Area Map for general information, or obtain a more detailed MD of Pincher Creek Ownership Map. 

      Public land with grazing leases adjacent to and in close proximity of Castle Wildland Provincial Park require permission from leaseholders to access. Please reference The MD of Pincher Creek Area Map for general information, or obtain a detailed MD of Pincher Creek Ownership Map.  For permission to access Public Land with Grazing Leases, labeled PGL and green on the Municipal District Ownership Map, please use the Alberta Recreational Access Internet Mapping Tool.  


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