Beauvais Lake Provincial Park

Alberta Parks

Wetland Ecosystems

Grade(s):2 - 9
    • Gr 2-Small Crawling & Flying Animals
    • Gr 3-Animal Life Cycles
    • Gr 4-Waste & Our World
    • Gr 5-Wetland Ecosystems
    • Gr 6-Evidence & Investigation
    • Gr 7-Interactions & Ecosystems
    • Gr 8-Fresh Water & Salt Water Systems
Type:Field Study
Duration:3 Hours
Location:Beauvais Lake Provincial Park
Max. Group Size:25
Fees:$125 per session
  • The field study is designed for 25 students with one adult volunteer assistant for every five students.
  • Groups larger than 25 can be accommodated but arrangements must be made in advance.
  • The "It's Not Easy Being Green" educational videoconference can be booked as a pre-trip option.
  • For Grades 7—9, the Wetland Investigation Field Study with water test kits is also available for booking.

Updated: Apr 11, 2018