Beauvais Lake Provincial Park

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Our Fescue Community

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    In this field study, students

    • Describe and classify common native grassland and invasive plants
    • Investigate variations in growing conditions
    • Explore the importance of native plant communities and the threat of invasive plants to biological diversity
    • Discuss opportunities to take an active role in protecting native grasslands
    • Help restore a native plant community in Beauvais Lake Provincial Park
    • Consider different community perspectives on native grasslands and invasive species
    • Are challenged to take an active lead in their home communities to help protect this important ecosystem

    The route includes a short hike up, across and back down a relatively steep grassland ridge.  Participants must be comfortable walking off trail.

Social Studies
    • Science - Plant Growth & Changes
    • Social - A Sense of the Land
Type:Field Study
Duration:3 Hours
Location:Beauvais Lake Provincial Park
Max. Group Size:25
Fees:$125 per session
Availability:Spring & Fall

Updated: Apr 11, 2018