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It's Not Easy Being Green Video Conference

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    The survival of a rare species in one of Alberta's parks depends on many factors.  Join our Environmental Educator to hear the story of the northern leopard frog's reintroduction to a wetland in Beauvais Lake Provincial Park. This is a story of rare species, fragile ecosystems, and dedicated staff and volunteers.  Check our info sheet for details.

    To access this educational opportunity you need a laptop, smart board with speakers (or a screen and projector), and high-speed internet connection. Facilities to view "It's Not Easy Being Green" can be accessed at no charge through your local municipal library. 

Grade(s):2 - 9
    • Gr 2-Small Crawling & Flying Animals
    • Gr 3-Animal Life Cycles
    • Gr 4-Waste & Our World
    • Gr 5-Wetland Ecosystems
    • Gr 6-Evidence & Investigation
    • Gr 7-Interactions & Ecosystems
    • Gr 8-Fresh Water & Salt Water Systems
    • No Theme for EDVC2
Duration:50 Minutes
Location:Location equipped for videoconferencing
Max. Group Size:Up to 4 classrooms
Fees:$100 per class

This educational videoconference must be prebooked and have a test run. It can be booked as pre-trip preparation for the "Wetland Ecosystems" program.

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Updated: Apr 12, 2018