Beauvais Lake Provincial Park

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Introduction to Snowshoeing

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    Join our environmental educator as she shares her enthusiasm for spending time outdoors in winter. Learn some tips to stay upright on snowshoes and discover how to see nature through the snow! This program includes

    • Instruction on using snowshoes
    • Adjustable poles and quality snowshoes for up to 25 students (size 6 shoe and up; weight 75—225 pounds)
    • An introduction to Alberta Parks and Beauvais Lake Provincial Park

    Check our info sheet for details.

Grade(s):3 - 12
Curriculum:Environmental and Outdoor Education
Physical Education
Social Studies
    • Gr 3-Animal Life Cycles
    • Gr 4-Safety & Responsibility
    • Gr 4/5-A Sense of the Land
    • Gr 6-Evidence & Investigation
    • Gr 6-Trees & Forests
    • Gr 7-Interactions with Ecosystems
    • No theme for ENVOE1
Type:Field Study
Duration:1.5 Hours
Location:Beauvais Lake Provincial Park
Max. Group Size:25
Fees:$125 per group
Availability:Dependent on snow availability

The fee includes snowshoes and adjustable poles for up to 25 people (show sizes 6 and up; weight 75-225 lbs).

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Updated: Apr 12, 2018