Beauvais Lake Provincial Park

Alberta Parks

Introduction to Snowshoeing

Grade(s):3 - 12
Curriculum:Environmental and Outdoor Education
Physical Education
Social Studies
    • Gr 3-Animal Life Cycles
    • Gr 4-Safety & Responsibility
    • Gr 4/5-A Sense of the Land
    • Gr 6-Evidence & Investigation
    • Gr 6-Trees & Forests
    • Gr 7-Interactions with Ecosystems
    • No theme for ENVOE1
Type:Field Study
Duration:1.5 Hours
Location:Beauvais Lake Provincial Park
Max. Group Size:25
Fees:$125 per group
Availability:Dependent on snow availability

The fee includes snowshoes and adjustable poles for up to 25 people (show sizes 6 and up; weight 75-225 lbs).

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Updated: Apr 12, 2018