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Deep Roots Video Conference

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    Discover the grasslands of Southern Alberta - a rare habitat that has often been overlooked and misunderstood.  Looking more closely, students discover the grassland is an amazing example of biodiversity,  It's also a spectacular venue for looking into our community, our roots and our connection with nature. Students will discover the importance of healthy biodiversity, discuss species at risk and meet folks working to protect what little grassland we have left! Check our info sheet for details.

    To access this educational opportunity you need a laptop, smart board with speakers (or a screen and projector), and high-speed internet connection. Facilities to view this video conference may be accessed at no charge through your local municipal library. 

Social Studies
    • No Theme for EDVC2
Duration:1 Hour
Location:Location equipped for videoconferencing
Max. Group Size:Up to 4 classrooms
Fees:$100 per class
  • The Prairie Conservation Forum is sponsoring this video conference fee for the first 25 teachers who book.  
  • This program is available as a single or multipoint video conference to any classroom with high speed internet, a smart board and a laptop or webcam.
  • All video conferences must be booked in advance and have a test run.

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Updated: Nov 26, 2018