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Dunvegan West Wildland Provincial Park

Information: 780-538-5350

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      Backcountry Camping
      Hiking - Backcountry
      OHV Riding On-site
      Power Boating

    Note Permitted activities may vary within a park. Please confirm details with park staff.

    • Access: There is limited road access into the park.
    • Camping: Random backcountry camping is permitted. There are no developed facilities in the park.
    • OHV Riding: on existing trails only. Off-trail use is prohibited.

    Hunting in Dunvegan West Wildland Provincial Park

    OHV use on existing trails only - off-trail use is prohibited

    More information: 780-538-5350

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    Park Management

    ClassificationWildland Provincial Park
    LegislationProvincial Parks Act
    Park Size51,810.72 Acres  /  20,967.8 Ha
    Legal BoundaryDunvegan West Wildland Provincial Park
    Administration / Information780-538-5350 
    Regional OfficeNorthwest Regional Office
    District Office Grande Prairie
    Natural RegionBoreal Forest - Dry Mixedwood
    Parkland - Peace River Parkland 
    Natural Region Description

    Stretching along the south bank of the Peace River from Dunvegan to the B.C. border, this park includes a unique mixture of grassland, aspen forest and steep-sided creek valleys. Many of the plants and birds here are more typical of the Parkland Natural Region located far to the south. Dunvegan West contains hoodoos and fossil beds. Its bedrock cliffs are home to nesting bald eagles, golden eagles and falcons. Red-sided and wandering garter snakes den along the river. South-facing slopes support typical parkland vegetation, with clones of aspen, shrubs, and grassland communities. Cacti are found on some of the drier sites. The valleys are key year-round habitat for deer and elk.

    Land Use Framework RegionUpper Peace 

    Public Safety

    Updated: Jun 19, 2017