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  • Water Service

    September 14, 2018

    All water systems (water taps, showers, dump stations) will be shutdown Monday, September 24th

    Affected Areas
  • Blue-Green Algae - Blue Green Algae at Laurier Lake

    July 27, 2018

    A Blue-Green Algal Bloom Advisory will be issued for Laurier Lake in Whitney Lakes Provincial Park

    Public Health Advisory signs and Public Information signs will be posted at all public beaches and at other public areas.

    Please see the Alberta Health Services website for the official advisory.

    Specific questions regarding consumption of fish from lakes experiencing cyanobacterial blooms can be directed to Dr. Weiping Zhang at Alberta Health (

    For answers to general health-related questions, the public can be directed to contact the nearest public health office or Health Link Alberta:

    Edmonton Main Office 780-735-1800

    Calgary Mail Office: 780-943-2295

    Lethbridge Main Office: 780-388-6689

    Grande Prairie Main Office: 780-513-7517

    Red Deer Main Office: 403-356-6366

    Health Link Alberta: 811

    Affected Areas
  • Flooding of Hiking Trail Sections

    October 12, 2017

    • Record high water levels have flooded sections of hiking trails throughout.
    • Arch bridge located northwest corner of Laurier Lake is not accessible by foot due to high water levels.
    • Boaters are to use extreme caution when going around ends of the arch bridge as boardwalk is submerged just below the surface.  
    • An update to current trail conditions can be obtained by calling 780-594-7856.

    Affected Areas

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