North Buck Lake Provincial Recreation Area

Alberta Parks

North Buck Lake Campground

Information: 780-689-4602
Operator: Buffalo Lake Development Corp.

North Buck Lake Campground is located in North Buck Lake Provincial Recreation Area, 14km northeast of Boyle on Hwy. 663, and 4km north on access road. With many bays and coves to poke around in, North Buck Lake is ideal for watersports and fishing. Be sure to watch the shoreline for nesting birds, and give them lots of space.  


May 14 - Oct 13
Site Type Campsites Rate / Night
Unserviced 95 $ 26
Power (15 /30 amp) 30 $ 33


Camping Notes


On-site security is provided on weekends.

Will remain open until October 31, 2019 for camping, weather permitting.


Firewood cost $8.00 for 1.5 cubic feet


Water is available from a hand pump. Although Alberta Parks strives to maintain water quality, we recommend that you bring your own drinking water.

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Updated: Jan 15, 2020