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        Backcountry Camping
        Trail Running
        Wildlife Viewing

        Ice Fishing

      Note Permitted activities may vary within a park. Please confirm details with park staff.

      • Backcountry camping: There are 16 designated backcountry camping areas in Lakeland Provincial Park.  There are also an additional 5 backcountry camping areas in the adjacent Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area.  Random backcountry camping is not permitted in Lakeland.  
      • Camping: Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area, located adjacent to the provincial park, has four basic front country campgrounds.
      • Backcountry activities: Please complete and submit a Voluntary Backcountry Travel Notification form.  
      • Birding: sharp-tailed, Le Conte's and swamp sparrows, osprey, bald eagle, northern saw-whet, barred, great grey, boreal and great horned owls and (in winter) finches and crossbills
      • Canoeing: Jackson, Kinnaird, McGuffin, and Blackett lakes, accessible from Jackson Lake Staging Area with pull-cart portage, makes an excellent canoe circuit.  You must provide your own canoe(s), rentals are available in the local area through Lakeland Expeditions.
      • Cross-country skiing: Approximately 30 km groomed ski trails available, depending on weather and volunteers (Shaw Lake and Mosquito Lake trails)
      • Cycling: Access from Mile 12, Jackson Lake Staging Area
      • Hiking: Access from Mile 12 , Jackson Lake Staging Area
      • Ice fishing: Access by snowmobile from the north on Mile 10 Trail from Touchwood Lake road; access to the south on the Blackett Lake and Helena Lake Trails from Pinehurst Lake access road at Blackett Lake Staging Area.
      • OHV riding: Access on Mile 10 trail to Jackson Lake, and with Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area trails to Dabbs Lake, Blackett Lake and Helena Lake from Blackett Lake Staging Area.


      Public Safety