Young's Point Provincial Park

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Migration Mysteries

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Saskatoon Island is a federal migratory bird sanctuary and the perfect place to dive into the world of bird migration. During this classroom or outdoor detective session, students

  • Examine feathers and wings
  • Explore the challenges facing local migrants
  • Use their investigation skills and real bird banding data to solve a migration mystery
    • Topic A-Air & Aerodynamics
    • Topic B-Flight
    • Topic D-Evidence & Investigation
Type:Field Study OR Classroom
Duration:2 Hours
Location:Classroom or field
Max. Group Size:30
Fees:$50-$100 per class (depending on location)

This program can either be presented in a classroom or as a field study in Moonshine Lake, Saskatoon Island or Young's Point Provincial Park or a local natural area.

Updated: Apr 21, 2022