Saskatoon Island Provincial Park

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Parks in Winter

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Head outdoors (at a park or your own local natural area) to discover how local plants and animals adapt their life cycles to survive the longest season of the year. Students look for signs of hibernation, migration and dormancy. Discover other ways of coping with winter in our region.

The Parks in Winter program can either

  • Begin in the classroom before going outside to a park near the school
  • Be conducted all in the field at a provincial park
    • Topic E-Animal Life Cycles
Type:Field Study OR Classroom
Duration:2 Hours
Location:Classroom or field
Max. Group Size:30
Fees:$50-$100 per class (depending on location)

This program can either be presented in a classroom or as a field study in Moonshine Lake, Saskatoon Island or Young's Point Provincial Park or a local natural area.

Updated: Apr 21, 2022