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What is a Bird?

    Discover what makes birds special by examining their physical characteristics and diet and by comparing them to other animals. This program presents children with the opportunity to learn about birds in a fun and interactive way through the use of all of their senses.  It includes

    • An interactive song and dress up activity to learn the different parts of a bird
    • Identification game where students identify and classify birds and other animals
    • Hands-on discovery of the different types of foods bird eat
Grade(s): Kindergarten
    • Early Literacy
    • Environmental & Community Awareness
Duration: 45 Minutes
Location: Boreal Centre for Bird Conservation or classroom
Max. Group Size: ??
Fees: $$3 per student
Availability: Year-round
Booking Information

This program is also suitable for preschools. Presented in conjunction with the Boreal Centre for Bird Conservation. To book, call 780-849-8240 or email info@borealbirdcentre.ca

Updated: Jul 29, 2022