Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park

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Lost in the Woods

Being in the woods can be pretty scary, especially if you're lost. Knowing what to do if you're lost in the woods can make it a little less scary.  Join us and learn "do's and don'ts" of exploring the natural world.

This program includes

  • Hands-on activities highlighting the steps to go through if you get lost in the woods - finding shelter, keeping warm, making a bed
  • A fun song that helps students remember the concepts discussed
  • An introduction to common rescue workers - Conservation Officers, police, search and rescue crews
Grade(s): K - 1
    • Various Connections
    Field Study
Location: Boreal Centre for Bird Conservation or a local natural area
Max. Group Size: ??
Fees: $$3 per student
Availability: Spring & Fall
Booking Information

Presented in conjunction with the Boreal Centre for Bird Conservation. To book, call 780-849-8240 or email info@borealbirdcentre.ca

Updated: Jul 29, 2022