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Cold Water Safety

Visitors be aware, in the mountains the water is cold all year. If you fall into the cold water it will affect you immediately.
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The trail starts at the south end of the parking lot and follows the wide trail into the trees. After dipping down to Pigeon Creek, the trail meanders through the forest, crossing three bridges, until it ascends an old fire road. After steady elevation gain the road ends at a stunning alpine meadow with extraordinary views. Note that the route on “Wind Ridge” is not maintained.

  1. Please note that the Windy Viewpoint Trail, West Wind Valley and Wind Ridge are closed annually December 1 to June 15 to protect critical winter range habitat for ungulates.
Length:5.4 km
Elevation Profile400 m
Trail Map Wind Valley Trail Map
Trail Report:Bow Valley
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Updated: Jun 16, 2022