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Notice - Sikome Aquatic Facility Hours Change

August 23, 2017

Please be advised of an operational hours change at Sikome Aquatic Facility. The hours have been shortened to 7:30pm for Friday, August 25, 2017 and Saturday, August 26, 2017. The facility will now be open 10:00am – 7:30pm for those two days.

Affected Areas

Fire Related Advisory - Sun Valley Blvd

August 17, 2017

Please be advised that haying to reduce potential grass fires will be initiated around August 25, 2017 along Sun Valley Blvd. The process may take up to 2 weeks in order to allow hay to dry and be bailed.

Construction Advisory - West Votiers and Ravens Rock Trail

August 16, 2017

Please be advised that there will be construction activities taking place from August 21st through August 25th on the West Votiers–Raven’s Rock Trail. There will also be construction equipment travelling to and from the trail construction location from the Votiers Flats Day Use Area Parking lot which is acting as a staging area.

Heavy equipment and crews will be on site completing improvements on the granular trail. Partial, intermittent trail closures may also occur throughout the above time frame to accommodate safe construction activities.

Caution should be used, particularly around heavy equipment, and all posted signage should be obeyed.  

Affected Areas

Construction Advisory - Bow Valley Ranch Parking Lot

August 03, 2017

Please be advised that there will be construction activities happening around the parking area and trails based out the Bow Valley Ranch parking lot, starting Friday August 4th until August 25th. Construction should have a minimal affect to park users, however users should be advised that construction equipment will be near the pathway adjacent to the parking lot and near the road coming into the parking lot.

Affected Areas

Construction Advisory - Contractor Access to Transportation Utility Corridor

January 24, 2017

Please be advised that various contractors will be utilizing a corridor west from the Parks Maintenance facility at Shannon Terrace to facilitate power line installation along the Transportation Utility Corridor in support of the Southwest Calgary Ring Road project. No construction will be taking place within the Park. Travel will be restricted to an approved route cleared of snow and previously disturbed.

Affected Areas

Fish Creek

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