Fish Creek Provincial Park

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Equipped with pond dipping gear, your students will capture, examine and marvel at aquatic invertebrate species.  Join our Environmental Educator as we dive into the wonderful world of wetlands in this guided tour.

Students will:

  • Catch, examine and identify aquatic invertebrates
  • Identify and describe the adaptations of their captured invertebrates
  • Observe interactions between living and nonliving things at a wetland
  • Study the plants and animals found at the wetland and will describe the lifecycles of these organisms
  • Recognize that some aquatic animals use oxygen from the air and others from the water
  • Investigate human actions that threaten wetland ecosystems and generate ideas on how to protect and preserve wetlands
    • Topic E-Wetlands Ecosystems
Type:Field Study
Location:Fish Creek Environmental Learning Centre
Fees:$210 per class, Park staff directed
Availability:April - October

Updated: May 27, 2020