Fish Creek Provincial Park

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Nature's Curiosities

There are many strange things to discover in the natural world. Use your investigative skills and power of observation to decipher the evidence left in nature. Record and tell the tales left in tracks and signs and explore the suspects and their motives.

Student will:

  • Explore and search for “Natural Curiosities” and create a list of suspects and motives for each.
  • Record and measure tracks and signs of wildlife and human activity to tell the tale of what happens in the park and who does what.
  • Share their discoveries.
Grade(s): 4 - 5
Curriculum: Science
    • Ways structures of organisms support survival.
    • Evidence and its role in science.
    Field Study
Duration: Full-Day
Location: Fish Creek Environmental Learning Centre
Fees: $120 per class
Availability: November to March
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Updated: Mar 14, 2024