Fish Creek Provincial Park

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Fish Creek: Land, Histories & Stories

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Journey back in time to investigate how land use has shaped the culture of Albert's people.  Your students will be guided through the past to connect with Alberta's original inhabitants and beyond.

Students will:

  • Consider the environmental significance of provincial parks and protected areas in Alberta.
  • Recognize the influence of changing climates, landscapes and resources on the development of human culture and establishment of communities.
  • Appreciate oral traditions, narratives and stories as robust systems of knowledge.
  • Investigate a variety of plant communities in the local area.
Grade(s):4 - 5
Curriculum:Social Studies
    • Grade 4-Alberta: The Land, Histories and Stories
    • Grade 5-Canada: The Land, Histories and Stories
Type:Field Study
Location:Bow Valley Ranch Visitor Centre
Fees:$210 per class, Park staff directed
Availability:November - March for a maximum of 2 classes per date

Teaching Resources:

Updated: May 27, 2020