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Imagine a bison was your supermarket and you carried your house on a horse! This program provides a comparison between traditional Plains First Nations lifestyles and students' own families.

Students will:

  • Discuss oral traditions of indigenous cultures and experience the First Nations legend of The Bear Who Stole the Chinook
  • Explore the unique shelter of the Plains First Nations, the tipi. Students will collaborate in small groups to make a mini-tipi
  • Discover the traditional uses of the bison through props and an interactive matching game
  • Learn about different forms of nourishment
  • Participate in traditional First Nation games
  • Survey a nearby bison jump site and discuss the historic importance of this area
Grade(s):1 - 2
Curriculum:Social Studies
    • Supports the social studies curriculum from the Alberta Program of Studies
Type:Field Study
Location:Bow Valley Ranch Visitor Centre
Fees:$210 per class, Park staff directed
Availability:November - March (maximum of 2 classes per date)

Teaching Resources:

Updated: May 27, 2020