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Updated: Feb 19, 2018

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9am - 5:30pm

Meadow Hut
OPEN 9:00am to 9:00pm

9am - 5pm

Trail Sports
Mon, Tues, Thurs: 9 am - 8:00pm
Wednesday: 9 am - 8:30 pm
Fri - Sun 9 am - 6 pm

Update:  Live Grooming currently not working or updating

Caution: Please use caution on natural snow trails as there remain some natural hazards and a few thin snow covered areas.

Be Wildlife aware and make noise while out on the trails. We highly recommend you carry bear spray. Stay safe and keep the wildlife safe!
Day use closed from 11pm - 7am.

Event Note: Some of the Biathlon trails will be closed on Feb 25th for the AB Cup 7 event. 

Biathlon StadiumOpen
Biathlon RangeOpen
XC Stadium8 lane lesson grid.    
Biathlon Mass Start8 lane lesson grid
Skating RinkCaution: ice has rough patches
Toboggan HillOpen
Banff Loop (m)Groom: Feb 19   Track: Feb 19Open
Banff Trail Past MeadowGroom: Feb 18   Track: Feb 18Good
Banff Trail to Meadow (m)Groom: Feb 19   Track: Feb 19Open
Bow Junction 18-25 (m)Groom: Feb 19   Track: Feb 19Open
Bow Past Junction 25Groom: Feb 18   Track: Feb 18Good
BruinGroom: Feb 18   Track: Feb 18Good
CoyoteGroom: Feb 18   Track: Feb 18Fair
ExpressoGroom: Feb 19   Track: Feb 19Open
Frozen Thunder 
Grey WolfGroom: Feb 18   Track: Feb 18Good
King of SwedenIce Patch at bottom
Groom: Feb 10   Track: Feb 10
Lynx (m)Groom: Feb 19   Track: Feb 19Open
MeadowviewGroom: Feb 18   Track: Feb 18Good
RundleGroom: Feb 18   Track: Feb 18Good
Salt Lake Junction 94-96 (m)Groom: Feb 19   Track: Feb 19Open
Salt Lake Past Junction 96Groom: Feb 15   Track: Feb 15Good
SilvertipGroom: Feb 18   Track: Feb 18Good
WolverineGroom: Feb 18   Track: Feb 18Good
Upper Competition Trails
Centennial (m)Thin areas
Groom: Feb 18   Track: Feb 18
Olympic (m)Groom: Feb 18   Track: Feb 18Open
Lower Competition Trails
Lillehammer (m)Groom: Feb 19   Track: Feb 19Open
Nagano (m)Groom: Feb 19   Track: Feb 19Open
Other Trails
Fat Bike TrailAll upper trails groomed Feb 16. All Lower trails groomed Feb 17.  FYI entrance start is snow drifted in, expect to walk/push for 200m. Grooming machine currently down for servicing, no mechanical grooming for a few days.
Snowshoe TrailGood
Grassi Lakes UpperOpen
Grassi Lakes Interpretive

Seasonal Closure - due to hazardous conditions


* (m) indicates trail with machine snow capacity

Note: A valid trail pass is required to use the groomed trails at the Canmore Nordic Centre.

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