William A. Switzer Provincial Park

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Winter Survival

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People have survived winters in the Rockies since the ice age, through the fur trade and now.  Students learn to build a variety of shelters and to prepare survival kits.  Snowshoes are provided if snow conditions permit their use.

Grade(s):4 - 5
Social Studies

    Grade 4-Safety & Responsibility - Dangerous Situations, Grade 4-Alberta - The Land, Histories & Stories, Grade 4-Skills in an Alternative Environment - Teamwork, Grade 5-Safety & Responsibility - Recreational Situations, Grade 5-Canada - The Land, Histories & Stories, Grade 5-Skills in an Alternative Environment - Teamwork

Type:Field Study
Duration:2 Hours
Max. Group Size:30
Fees:$$2.50 per student

Snowshoes are provided.

Updated: Mar 16, 2021