Peppers Lake Staging Provincial Recreation Area

Alberta Parks

Peppers Lake Staging Campground

Information: 403-304-0456
Operator: Friends of the Eastern Slopes

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Peppers Lake Staging Campground is found in Peppers Lake Provincial Recreation Area, 84 km southwest of Nordegg on Hwy. 734. Here there are a handful of sites perfect for equestrian users. Hitching rails and access to nearby equestrian trails are available.

This campground is maintained by the Friends of the Eastern Slopes; a non-profit organization that operates campgrounds through positive and proactive volunteer efforts. A nightly fee is not charged for the campground, however campers are encouraged to purchase a $30 annual membership to this organization to support their volunteer efforts and operation of this campground.


Site Type Campsites Rate / Night
Unserviced 6 $0
  • Garbage: This is a user maintained campground. Garbage receptacles are not provided.  It is MANDATORY that campers pack out their garbage.
  • Toilets: Vault toilets are available onsite.  Toilet paper & hand sanitizer are not provided. Campers must be prepared to provide their own toilet paper & hand sanitizer. Toilets will cleaned a minimum of once a week, campers may clean the toilet facilities themselves prior to their use if required. Dumping of any garbage or sewage into the vault toilets is prohibited.
  • Wildlife: Campers must ensure that all garbage, food and associated attractants are secured within a hard walled trailer or vehicle when not in use to prevent attracting bears and other wildlife to your campsite.


Camping Notes


This is an unserviced campground. Please remember to bring your own firewood to enjoy your stay.  Collection of deadfall for firewood is prohibited.


Recent changes to the Recreation Area Regulation under the Public Health Act have affected provision of drinking water in this campground – we cannot absolutely guarantee that water from hand pumps is free of pathogens because of the risk of ground water contamination. As a result, Alberta Parks recommends that you bring your own drinking water.

Updated: May 14, 2021