Miquelon Lake Provincial Park

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Chickadee Loop

    This trail loops around several kettle ponds. In the spring, listen to frogs calling. Trail access is from Beaver Hills Interpretive or Deer Loop Trail.

    • please take litter out
    • report to Parks Staff any fallen trees
    • please keep dogs on leash at all times
    • be properly prepared for any outdoor activities

Hiking conditions - Trail is dry with soft/muddy spots in low lying areas. Updated May 23, 2019

    Length:1.4 km
    Elevation ProfileRolling terrain. m
    Type:Connector Trail
    ActivitiesHikingMtn Biking/CyclingCross Country SkiingSkijoringSnowshoeingBiking/Cycling,Hiking,Skiing,Skijoring,Snowshoeing
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    Updated: May 23, 2019