Miquelon Lake Provincial Park

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Nature Warriors

What is a nature warrior? Through finding connection to our wild ecosystems, students will discover the tools and passion to help save the environment. Whether a forest, grassland or wetland community, each has features to explore and stories to experience. It is through these stories that we will be inspired to become stewards of the environment and thus nature warriors.

Students will be given lessons on:

  • Waste
  • Wildlife interactions
  • Human land-use
  • How ecosystems work (grasslands, wetlands or forest)
  • The importance of protected parks
  • Connecting with and respect for nature, &
  • How story telling can teach others important lessons about the environment
Grade(s): 4 - 6
Curriculum: Health
    • Ecosystems
    • Respect and Care for the Environment
    • Sense of Place
    • Nature Exploration
    Field Study
Duration: 1.5 Hours
Location: Miquelon Lake Provincial Park
Max. Group Size: 30
Fees: $85
Availability: May-October
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Updated: Sep 28, 2023