Fort Assiniboine Sandhills Wildland Provincial Park

Alberta Parks

Random Backcountry Camping

Information: 780-960-8170
Due to the remote nature of these campgrounds, cleaning and sanitizing of shared surfaces is infrequent and users should be ready to sanitize high-touch surfaces upon their arrival. Be prepared with your own hand sanitizer and toilet paper. Note that cleaning supplies may be wildlife attractants, and should be stored in your food locker and away from your tent. When campgrounds are open and where it is feasible, outhouses will be open. Please help to limit the spread of COVID-19 by maintaining physical distancing from other campers.

Camping Notes

    • Random backcountry camping is permitted.
    • Except for three small staging areas (day use only), there are no developed facilities in the park.
Updated: Jun 19, 2017