Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area

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Long Run

This trail is primarily accessible in the winter season and is great for traveling long distances with dog sleds or skijoring.  It follows the eastern boundary fence and then connects to pasture fence lines for easy travel.

  • Closed to equestrian use between December 1 and April 1 annually.

Winter Trail Only

Advisory: Fence and Field work is taking place starting Nov 3 in Field 3B. Hunting is prohibited from this trail location South into the section of the field until further notice. Please contact the office if required 780-922-3293 

Length 26 Km
Summer biking/cycling,dog sledding,fat biking,hiking,hiking (winter),horseback riding,skate skiing,skiing,skijoring,snowshoeing,trail running Biking/Cycling Hiking Horseback Riding Trail Running
Winter Dog Sledding Fat Biking Hiking (Winter) Skate Skiing XC Skiing Skijoring Snowshoeing
Trail Map
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Updated: Jun 14, 2024