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Park NameCampground FCFS Campsites
Aspen Beach Provincial ParkBrewersReservable Campground5
Aspen Beach Provincial ParkLakeviewReservable Campground5
Beaverdam Provincial Recreation AreaBeaverdam10
Big Berland Provincial Recreation AreaBig Berland18
Big Knife Provincial ParkBig Knife51
Bleriot Ferry Provincial Recreation AreaBleriot Ferry28
Brazeau River Provincial Recreation AreaBrazeau River7
Brown Creek Provincial Recreation AreaBrown Creek7
Buck Lake  Provincial Recreation AreaBuck Lake20
Calhoun Bay Provincial Recreation AreaCalhoun Bay38
Chambers Creek Provincial Recreation AreaChambers Creek25
Chrystina Lake Provincial Recreation AreaChrystina (Windy) Lake10
Crescent Falls Provincial Recreation AreaCrescent Falls29
Crimson Lake Provincial ParkCrimson LakeReservable Campground35
Dry Haven Provincial Recreation AreaDry Haven14
Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial ParkTolman East40
Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial ParkTolman West25
Elk Creek Provincial Recreation AreaElk Creek13
Elk River Provincial Recreation AreaElk River16
Freeman River Provincial Recreation AreaFreeman River10
Gleniffer Reservoir Provincial Recreation AreaDickson Point18
Gleniffer Reservoir Provincial Recreation AreaNorth Dyke30
Gleniffer Reservoir Provincial Recreation AreaSouth Dyke14
Goldeye Lake Provincial Recreation AreaGoldeye Lake44
Gooseberry Lake Provincial ParkGooseberry LakeReservable Campground50
Harlech Provincial Recreation AreaHarlech17
Horburg Provincial Recreation AreaHorburg20
Hornbeck Creek Provincial Recreation AreaHornbeck Creek32
Jackfish Lake Provincial Recreation AreaJackfish Lake5
Kootenay Plains Provincial Recreation AreaTwo O Clock Creek26
Little Fish Lake Provincial ParkLittle Fish Lake10
Lovett River Provincial Recreation AreaLovett River17
Medicine Lake Provincial Recreation AreaMedicine LakeReservable Campground5
Minnow Lake Provincial Recreation AreaMinnow Lake10
Miquelon Lake Provincial ParkMiquelon Overflow10
Mitchell Lake Provincial Recreation AreaMitchell Lake5
Nojack Provincial Recreation AreaNojack24
Obed Lake Provincial ParkObed Lake7
Pembina Forks Provincial Recreation AreaPembina Forks20
Peppers Lake Provincial Recreation AreaPeppers Lake16
Peppers Lake Staging Provincial Recreation AreaPeppers Lake Staging6
Phyllis Lake Provincial Recreation AreaPhyllis Lake21
Prairie Creek Provincial Recreation AreaPrairie Creek50
Ram Falls Provincial ParkRam Falls54
Saunders Provincial Recreation AreaSaunders5
Seven Mile Provincial Recreation AreaSeven Mile36
Sheep Creek  Provincial Recreation AreaSheep Creek6
Strachan Provincial Recreation AreaClosed  Strachan27
Sulphur Gates Provincial Recreation AreaSulphur Gates14
Swan Lake Provincial Recreation AreaSwan Lake24
Tay River Provincial Recreation AreaTay River32
The Narrows Provincial Recreation AreaThe Narrows61
Thompson Creek Provincial Recreation AreaThompson Creek55
Thunder Lake Provincial ParkThunder LakeReservable Campground127
Trapper Lea's Cabin Provincial Recreation AreaTrapper Leas Cabin18
Whitehorse Wildland Provincial ParkFiddle Backcountry0
Whitehorse Wildland Provincial ParkSawmill Backcountry5
Whitehorse Wildland Provincial ParkTrappers Backcountry5
Whitehorse Wildland Provincial ParkWhitehorse Falls Backcountry5
William A. Switzer Provincial ParkCache Lake14
William A. Switzer Provincial ParkGraveyard Lake7
William A. Switzer Provincial ParkHalfway4
Bow Valley  Provincial ParkBow River59
Bow Valley  Provincial ParkThree Sisters36
Bow Valley  Provincial ParkWillow Rock124
Burnt Timber Provincial Recreation AreaBurnt Timber30
Cartier Creek Provincial Recreation AreaCartier Creek12
Cataract Creek Provincial Recreation AreaCataract Creek102
Dawson Provincial Recreation AreaDawson Equestrian10
Elbow Falls Provincial Recreation AreaBeaver Flats55
Elbow River Provincial Recreation AreaPaddys Flat98
Etherington Creek Provincial Recreation AreaEtherington Equestrian10
Fallen Timber Provincial Recreation AreaFallen Timber North34
Fisher Creek Provincial Recreation AreaFisher Creek30
Ghost Reservoir Provincial Recreation AreaGhost Reservoir80
Gooseberry  Provincial Recreation AreaGooseberry85
Greenford Provincial Recreation AreaGreenford13
Little Elbow Provincial Recreation AreaLittle ElbowReservable Campground53
Mesa Butte Provincial Recreation AreaMesa Butte Equestrian15
North Fork Provincial Recreation AreaNorth Fork34
Peter Lougheed Provincial ParkCanyon50
Peter Lougheed Provincial ParkInterlakes48
Peter Lougheed Provincial ParkLower Lake95
Peter Lougheed Provincial ParkMount Sarrail Walk-in Tenting44
Red Deer River Provincial Recreation AreaRed Deer River North14
Sheep River Provincial ParkBluerock66
Sheep River Provincial ParkBluerock Equestrian17
Sheep River Provincial ParkSandy McNabb112
Sheep River Provincial ParkSandy McNabb Equestrian41
Sibbald Lake Provincial Recreation AreaSibbald Lake134
Spray Valley Provincial ParkEau Claire51
Spray Valley Provincial ParkSpray Lakes West50
Strawberry Provincial Recreation AreaStrawberry Equestrian20
Chain Lakes  Provincial Recreation AreaChain Lakes21
Cross Lake Provincial ParkCross Lake Walk-in Tenting7
Crow Lake  Provincial ParkCrow Lake30
English Bay Provincial Recreation AreaEnglish Bay57
French Bay Provincial Recreation AreaFrench Bay Lower East4
French Bay Provincial Recreation AreaFrench Bay Upper West6
Hangingstone Provincial Recreation AreaHangingstone56
Kehiwin Provincial Recreation AreaKehiwinReservable Campground34
Lakeland Provincial Recreation AreaPinehurst Lake63
Lakeland Provincial Recreation AreaSeibert Lake43
Lakeland Provincial Recreation AreaTouchwood Lake87
Lakeland Provincial Recreation AreaIronwood Lake20
Lakeland Provincial Recreation AreaBackcountry0
Lakeland  Provincial ParkBackcountry0
Lawrence Lake Provincial Recreation AreaLawrence Lake25
Poacher's Landing Provincial Recreation AreaPoachers Landing6
Demmitt Provincial Recreation AreaDemmitt15
Figure Eight Lake Provincial Recreation AreaFigure Eight Lake27
Fort Vermilion Provincial Recreation AreaFort Vermilion8
Heart River Dam Provincial Recreation AreaHeart River Dam4
Iosegun Lake Provincial Recreation AreaIosegun Lake52
Kakwa River Provincial Recreation AreaKakwa River4
Kleskun Hill Natural AreaKleskun Hill9
Lesser Slave Lake  Provincial ParkDevonshire Short-Stay14
Machesis Lake Provincial Recreation AreaMachesis Lake20
Moonshine Lake Provincial ParkMoonshine LakeReservable Campground91
Musreau Lake Provincial Recreation AreaMusreau Lake69
Notikewin Provincial ParkNotikewin19
Ole's Lake Provincial Recreation AreaOle's Lake18
Queen Elizabeth Provincial ParkQueen Elizabeth56
Rainbow Lake Provincial Recreation AreaRainbow Lake28
Running Lake Provincial Recreation AreaRunning Lake23
Simonette River Provincial Recreation AreaSimonette River25
Smoke Lake Provincial Recreation AreaSmoke Lake47
Stoney Lake Provincial Recreation AreaStoney Lake15
Sulphur Lake Provincial Recreation AreaSulphur Lake11
Twin Lakes Provincial Recreation AreaTwin Lakes49
Two Lakes Provincial ParkClosed  Gunderson Meadows32
Two Lakes Provincial ParkMoberly Flats30
Two Lakes Provincial ParkPine Hollow24
Waskahigan River Provincial Recreation AreaWaskahigan River20
Williamson Provincial ParkWilliamson67
Winagami Lake Provincial ParkWinagami LakeReservable Campground66
Beauvais Lake Provincial ParkBeauvais LakeReservable Campground46
Beauvais Lake Provincial ParkBeauvais Walk-In Tenting10
Castle  Provincial ParkBeaver Mines Lake96
Castle  Provincial ParkCastle Falls45
Castle  Provincial ParkCastle River Bridge30
Castle  Provincial ParkLynx Creek18
Chinook Provincial Recreation AreaChinookReservable Campground90
Cypress Hills Provincial ParkClosed  Reesor Dock10
Cypress Hills Provincial ParkClosed  Spring Creek Equestrian9
Dutch Creek Provincial Recreation AreaDutch Creek45
Island Lake Provincial Recreation AreaIsland Lake41
Lake McGregor Provincial Recreation AreaLake McGregor100
Little Bow Reservoir Provincial Recreation AreaLittle Bow Reservoir25
Livingstone Falls Provincial Recreation AreaLivingstone Falls22
Lundbreck Falls Provincial Recreation AreaLundbreck FallsReservable Campground58
Maycroft Provincial Recreation AreaMaycroft10
Oldman Dam Provincial Recreation AreaCottonwoodReservable Campground33
Oldman Dam Provincial Recreation AreaWindy Point16
Oldman Dam Provincial Recreation AreaNorth Fork10
Oldman Dam Provincial Recreation AreaCastleviewReservable Campground30
Oldman River Provincial Recreation AreaOldman River40
Oldman River North Provincial Recreation AreaOldman River North10
Payne Lake Provincial Recreation AreaPayne Lake46
Police Outpost Provincial ParkPolice Outpost46
Racehorse Provincial Recreation AreaRacehorse38
St. Mary Reservoir Provincial Recreation AreaSt. Mary LowerReservable Campground38
St. Mary Reservoir Provincial Recreation AreaSt. Mary Upper30
Travers Reservoir Provincial Recreation AreaTravers Dam32
Waterton Reservoir Provincial Recreation AreaWaterton Reservoir25
Woolford Provincial ParkWoolfordReservable Campground0
Wyndham-Carseland Provincial ParkWyndham-CarselandReservable Campground102
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Updated: Jul 28, 2016