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Individual Campsite Reservation FAQs


How can I make a reservation online if I don't have a computer?

What if I'm having trouble using the online reservation system?

Can I access on my mobile device? 

What happens to my personal information when I reserve a campsite online?

Why is there a 16-night stay limit at provincial campgrounds?

How far in advance can I make a reservation?

When is the camping season?

Why is there a maximum 90-day window to book online?

What if I can't use my reservation?


The "currently booking to" date displayed on the landing page of shows how far out reservations for individual campsites can be made (up to 90 days in advance of arrival date).  Why does the "booking window" reset at 9:00 a.m. each day instead of at midnight?

Why are online reservations campsite-specific?

How big a campsite do I need?

What happens if someone tries to book the campsite I want to book?

Can I reserve a campsite on behalf of friends or family?

Can I register a second tent/trailer/RV when I reserve a campsite online?

Is there a waiting list for campgrounds that are fully booked?

When I checked, certain campsites were reserved.  Yet, when I arrived at the campground, they were vacant. Why?

Can I change campsites after I've registered?

Can I extend my stay at a reservable campsite?

Arrivals & Late Arrivals

What if I forget to bring my permit or confirmation letter?

I will arrive after check-in time/the registration booth is closed. What should I do?

I arrived a day late and my campsite had been given to another camper!  Why?

Fees, Payment & Refunds

Why are camping fees different at some campgrounds?

Why do all camping fees have to be prepaid when making an online reservation?

How much notice is required to cancel a reservation and receive a refund?

If I have to shorten my stay, will I get a refund?

Why don't I get my reservation fee back when I cancel a reservation?

How long will it take to receive my refund for a cancellation?

Updated: Jul 22, 2016