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Disabled Access

Finding Disabled Access Campsites

In Search on, scroll to "Accessibility Needs" and choose "Disabled access sites only". The search will return reservable campsites identified for disabled access. Some campgrounds also have first come-first served disabled access campsites. The search will not show these. 

Disabled Access Campsites on
Carson Pegasus 2 H-154 and H-153
Crimson Lake Campground 2 C11, C12
Cross Lake Campground 3 11, 12, 24
Cypress Hills - Firerock Campground 1 AA-111
Dunvegan Campground 3 D-14, D-15, D-16
Hilliard's Bay 2 D-130 and E-150
Jarvis Bay Campground 1 201
Long Lake Campground 3 A-47, A-49, A-51
Marten River Campground 1 A-21
Miquelon Lake Campground 4 A-50, A-114, A-136, C-213
Moonshine Lake 1 A-7
Park Lake Campground 3 A-9, B-42, B-73
Pigeon Lake Campground 6 B-75, B-76, B-77, Yurts (3)
Ross Lake Campground 1 B-31
Saskatoon Island Campground 3 A-7,A-20,B-55
Thunder Lake 2 A-17 and B-40
Vermillion 1 C-43
Wabamun Lake Campground 2 B-90, B-91

Using Disabled Access Campsites

Designating Disabled Access Campsites

"Disabled access" campsites meet basic access criteria:

  • clear designation of the accessible campsite (on park map/entry kiosk/site number post);
  • a firm and level dirt, crushed rock or paved campsite surface;
  • a clear space around the tent pad and between other fixed elements (i.e. campfire, hook-ups);
  • a campsite free of barriers and unprotected hazards;
  • an accessible path less than 60 metres to an accessible washroom/pit toilet;
  • an accessible picnic table (knee clearance and clear space) in the campsite; and
  • basic access to firepit and/or grill, if applicable.

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Updated: Jul 12, 2018