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Science Strategy

Parks Division's Science Strategy was approved in November 2009. It recognizes that a meaningful and effective integration of science into the Alberta parks system will benefit the ecological, social and economic health of parks and the entire province.


In order to best manage Alberta's parks, we need accurate information about them, the values they protect and provide, and the activities they support. The Science Strategy aims to support

  • An increase in the amount, quality and availability of scientific information about Alberta's parks, the visitors who use them, and the recreation and visitor experiences they support
  • Increased capacity to make informed decisions that positively affect Alberta's parks and their users, ultimately enhancing our ability to employ science-based management approaches
  • A culture of respect for the value and importance of science in the management of protected areas


Specific objectives outlined in the Science Strategy are to


The Science Strategy details a number of priority action items.


The Science Strategy identifies a set of broad scientific priorities. These are not detailed research questions designed to fill specific knowledge gaps. Rather, they are fields of interest in which the priority setting process will be used to identify specific topics.

Progress Tracking

Timelines for progress toward priority actions are provided. Progress toward objectives and key outcomes will be reported on a regular basis. 


Updated: Nov 24, 2015