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Research is a key component in ecosystem-based management to ensure that landscapes are maintained in perpetuity. Studying ecosystems and ecological processes enables Parks Division to make informed, evidence-based decisions in park management. Several past and current research projects have influenced and enhanced existing management practices.

Northwest Region

Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park

The majority of research is conducted around the Lesser Slave Lake Bird Observatory (LSLBO) and the Boreal Centre for Bird Conservation (BCBC) located in Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park.

Kananaskis Region

Historical Fire Regimes of Kananaskis Country

Wildfire is a natural ecosystem process that is vital to ecosystem health and species diversity. Over the last several decades, fires have become less common due to effective fire suppression. Loss of fire is having impacts on forest health, species diversity and water resources and may exacerbate the effects of changing climate. Restoring fire to the landscape through prescribed fires is important for maintaining healthy ecosystems.

Scott Jevons is studying historical frequency and patterns of wildfire to develop a strong science-based foundation for reintroducing fire to the landscape. Studies are underway to determine fire regimes for Montane and Sub-alpine natural subregions.

Several historical fire studies have already been done for the Kananaskis area. The aim of these current studies is to build on past research by collecting new fire history data, refining methodologies and types of analysis to determine the temporal and spatial range of variation in fire frequency.

South Region

Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park-Alberta - Park Research

Dinosaur Provincial Park - Park Research

Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park - Park Research & Management

Other Research Projects

West Central

Sundance Provincial Park (Site Information)

Willmore Wilderness Area (Site Information)

Updated: Apr 20, 2018